Our electrical contracting company offers a comprehensive range of services for residential clients. In addition to our customary services, we specialize in electric vehicle charging station installation to help homeowners shift to more sustainable transportation. Our licensed electricians also perform thorough electrical inspections on new construction and existing buildings to ensure safety and code compliance.

For new construction and renovations, we handle all electrical work including lighting, wiring, and panel upgrades. We also provide electrical maintenance and repairs to keep existing electrical systems operating properly. With our expertise in complete rewires, we can completely upgrade the electrical system in your older home or building. No electrical project is too small or large for our team of experienced, licensed electricians.


Commercial buildingFor commercial buildings and facilities, we provide a full range of new construction and upgrade services. This includes installing new electrical service and wiring buildings from the ground up. We have extensive experience with underground electrical and trenching to run conduit safely below surfaces. Our licensed electricians perform thorough inspections per local code on all commercial projects. For hazardous locations we have a full range of skill sets including c1d1 electrical system integration and installation.

Our experts handle installation and programming of automated control systems including contractors, relays, variable frequency drives (VFDs) for motor speed control. These systems allow for energy efficiency and help protect equipment from electrical surges or outages. We have the knowledge to provide reliable, efficient electrical systems for any new or existing commercial facility. Our licensed commercial electricians follow current codes and best practices to ensure your business has a safe electrical system meeting all its needs.


Electrical panelIndustrial facilities have extensive and complex electrical systems that require specialized expertise to install and maintain. Hiring licensed and experienced industrial electricians is crucial for safely and efficiently powering large-scale equipment and machinery. Watt Electric has the technical knowledge to work with high voltage systems and troubleshoot issues with transformers, motors, control panels, and other industrial electrical components. We can provide preventative maintenance, install new equipment, and make upgrades to an industrial facility's electrical infrastructure.

With our training in the electrical code and safety standards, our industrial electricians help reduce downtime and electrical hazards. Our expertise in this field makes us well-suited to handle the unique electrical demands of factories, plants, warehouses, and other industrial settings.


Electrical boxesWe understand the unique electrical needs of agricultural facilities and farms. Our electricians are experienced with installation and programming of variable frequency drives (VFDs) for water pumps and irrigation systems. By controlling pump motor speed, VFDs can realize major energy savings. We also provide trenching and conduit installation to safely run power to pumps, motors, and equipment in barns or fields. Our team is skilled in wiring pumps, motors, and complex lighting circuits like grow lights utilizing contractors and relays for overload protection and automated control.

Whether you're pumping water, running equipment, or outfitting a greenhouse, we have the expertise to handle any project. We take pride in providing reliable, efficient electrical systems for farms and agricultural enterprises. Our licensed electricians follow codes and regulations to ensure your agricultural facilities are powered safely and cost-effectively.


Are you concerned about the security of your home or business? With the rising crime rates, it's more important than ever to ensure the safety of your property. Our professional electricians specialize in installing and maintaining state-of-the-art security systems that provide comprehensive protection for your premises.

By hiring our expert team, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones and valuable assets are safeguarded 24/7. Don't compromise on safety - as a trusted electrical contractor we'll provide top-notch security solutions tailored to your specific needs.